IV Fall Conference!

Fall Conference is a yearly InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) conference. A weekend of encountering Jesus and vision of his heart for you, your campus and the world.  During the weekend you will have the opportunity to grow in knowing more of who Jesus is.  We will be joining many other college and university campuses in the Bay Area. This conference is great also for you and your friends who might be seeking Jesus still.  If you’re planning to come, please also invite a friend to come and see who Jesus is for themselves in the midst of being in community with others! 🙂

For more info and registration: tinyurl.com/fallcon2011

Where: Alliance Redwoods

How much: $99

Don’t let money be an issue! We will provide workdays, where you can work at people’s houses to help garden, babysit, etc.

There will also be scholarships available you can apply for that generous InterVarsity alumni and supporters have given to make this ministry possible.

A couple pix from last year!