Echad (Jews for Jesus) artists performance!


If you enjoyed their presentation at large group this past Wednesday and/or are interested in seeing them still…

they have invited us to their art show in San Francisco tomorrow (Friday, 4/27)! Below are details! 🙂

The Jewish Christians who came to large group yesterday are performing on Friday in SF. They have invited IV to go. They are called Echad. Here’s the 411: (given by Rachel -one of the girls in the group)

Tomorrow (Friday) night at 7:30p, we’ll be having a full presentation and display of our work! It will be at 160 Haight Street in San Francisco. The presentation itself should go from about 8 to 9pm. We’d love to see some of InterVarsity there!”

More description and info of who they are:

The program is called Echad and is geared toward Jewish artists ages 18-28 who believe in Jesus as the Messiah. It’s a discipleship program that focuses both on strengthening team members’ relationships with Jesus and using their art as a launching pad to share the gospel with people who haven’t been reached in other ways. Their website is

The kinds of art this team brings to the table are spoken word, poetry, singing and songwriting, digital art, videography, and photography. They’ve shown their work and performed during open mic nights in coffee shops and other venues on the East Coast and were well-received. Typically, believers are encouraged by seeing the gospel presented in new ways, unbelievers are challenged by what’s shared, and artists are inspired to share their faith through their work.