Urbana Missions Conference 2012!

What is your life purpose? What is God’s plan for you in the greater context of this world? 

How are your studies aligned with God’s purposes for you and how He’s going to use you? Wanna see a glimpse of heaven here on earth? Come to Urbana 2012!


Come be equipped!!   Urbana Fundraising Training tomorrow (friday, 4/27)! come learn how to fundraise..good, helpful, practical tools.. that can be used in any context of ministry fundraising 🙂 But.. especially for URBANA!

3:30-4:30 pm @ CVB (one of the common rooms inside) –you’ll find us 🙂

Sign up before July 1st!!! Then get your plane tickets!! Do it as a community and invite your churches to come along too 🙂

Watch videos and more info below: