Fall Con 2012

This year at Fall Conference we all had a blast with the other campuses in our area, meeting new people, and learning about God’s plan for the world. We heard about what the gospel means for all the relationships in our lives, not just between us and God. Here’s a testimony from our time:

While being at Fall Conference, I really expected it to be like any other youth retreat—good
worship, awesome speaker, decent food, and loads of fun. I certainly knew I was going to cry; in my
head, a good retreat doesn’t end well unless there is crying involved. I also expected a speaker to talk
about how to serve and how to be the salt and light of our campuses. I felt like I was going to the
conference so that they can season me and put me out in the real world to share the gospel of God. I
did, however, expect myself to be closer to my calling. Everything went just as I expected…

It was what I expected, but it was much more. The first day I got there, Lisa (the speaker) threw
out a powerful message that wasn’t like many other messages. She talked about relationships—
relationship with God, relationship with man, and relationship with self. I realized one crucial thing I
have been missing: relationship with self. For the longest time, I thought I could go around loving people
and loving God; but how could I do so without loving myself? How could I hear anything God is telling
me if I don’t love myself? It was a message that rung through my ears. I am made in the image of God—
everyone around me is made in the image of God. God is working in everyone and God is working in me.
Understanding this concept made me realize that I needed to develop a healthy relationship with myself
because I would have to deal with myself forever.

Now I’ve learned to be comfortable being by myself, being alone in silence and dealing with my
OWN self. Every time I was by myself, I would get arguments with myself and let things seep into my
head making me hate myself even more. I know now that God is working in me, he has made me unique
and special, and more importantly I am made in the image of God. This has encouraged me to see that
others are special and unique too! I have become much more patient with my parents, friends who are
on the edge, and people that I tend to judge without even knowing their circumstances. God has made
everyone differently and God is working in everyone in his own and unique way.